Open Week Mission Team to Costa Rica 4

Dates: July 5, 2019 – July 12, 2019

Trip Description

More than 60,000 Nicaraguan refugees have poured into Costa Rica escaping the violent repression of the Ortega regime. Most who cross the border arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs and their personal story of how they avoided being shot by paramilitaries or police. 400+ unarmed citizens have been killed in Nicaragua by the corrupt Sandinista forces keeping Daniel Ortega in power since April 2018.

In response to this migration crisis Corner of Love has established a new headquarters close to the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border to provide relief to refugees who are arriving tired, hungry, and emotionally raw, as they experience the devastating sadness of leaving behind their homeland and loved ones.

Consider joining this team and be a part of their new beginning in life. This group will stay near Dreams Las Mareas in Costa Rica and each participant purchases their own flight into LIR, Liberia, Costa Rica. (You may also arrive in San José (SJO) and take a bus north to our headquarters.)

Each participant will volunteer daily to organize supplies and set up the relief center to serve migrant families and have the opportunity to meet and pray with Nicaraguans on their refugee journey. Though we will work every day, three of the volunteer days will include mobilizing families from the border to a nearby city where their needs are assessed and files are created to document their medical, nutritional, and safety needs. In addition, our team will provide clothing, medicine, towels, blankets, toiletries, and bus fare to their immigration proceedings in Costa’s capital city of San José.

Since 2000 Corner of Love has been lending hands to serve Nicaraguans in need, leading as many as 30 medical-dental-optical groups per year. We have also built numerous schools, churches, and even outfitted our own hospital, and clinic. Though we are sad to see the level of danger near our San Matagalpa headquarters, we hope you’ll be a part of this special season of mission in Costa Rica. We are needed now more than ever!

Trip Cost

$1450 payable in the U.S. (We welcome additional fundraising for our Refugee Relief Center. [$500 goal suggested, but not required.])
$100 payable in Costa Rica
$75 (recommended amount) for spending money

All team members may solicit 100% tax deductible donations in connection with their trip by using Corner of Love’s EIN No. 36-4612230. For more information contact

Suggested Itinerary

Your city-LIR (Liberia, Costa Rica)
ARRIVAL DAY: July 5, 2019
DEPARTURE DAY: July 12, 2019

Alternative Itinerary

Your city to SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Alternately, you could fly in or out of San Jose and take a bus to or from Liberia. Note that the route takes 4.5 hours or more. You would likely arrive a day or more before the suggested arrival day.

Early Arrivals/Late Departures

Costa Rica has much to offer as far as tourism. For Corner of Love it is no problem if you choose to fly in before the suggested arrival day or stay after the suggested departure day.


U.S. Office:

Forms & Links

Corner of Love Main Office
23745 225th Way SE Suite 209
Maple Valley, WA 98038
(425) 432.0433