Team & Staff

Corner of Love Headquarters Staff (Washington State)

Kathy Fix
Administrative Support

Kathy is a North Dakota native who studied at Minot State University and is a mother of three daughters. Since 2006, she has been employed by Corner of Love helping with data entry, mail-outs, and office organization. Kathy has been a part of COL since its inception and has lent support to the mission in many ways. She currently resides in Auburn, Washington.

Cara Smith
Trip Coordinator

Cara moved from Texas to Maple Valley, Washington with her husband and two daughters in 2013. She graduated with a degree in education from Texas A&M and recently earned her masters in educational leadership from Stephen F. Austin University. Cara got her start with Corner of Love by attending a mission trip in June 2015. Since then, she has volunteered on various projects and recently became the trip coordinator. Cara is available to answer any questions that you may have regarding various aspects of a trip and will help guide you through the process once you have signed up for a trip.

Gina Kilgore
Executive Assistant & Bookkeeper

Gina was born in Missouri and moved to the Maple Valley area of Washington in 1987. She is the mother of two daughters and one son. Since August 2016, she has been employed by Corner of Love in the supporting role of Executive Assistant.

U.S. Based Leadership

Jeff & Debbie Balch
Central U.S. Directors

Jeff & Debbie Balch reside in Colorado where they each run successful small businesses and actively support numerous community efforts. In 2010 they traveled to Nicaragua to serve with Corner of Love for the first time and felt called to become more involved. Since then they have dedicated countless hours to fundraising, recruiting, and praying for the mission, helping grow an amazing following of Corner of Love in Colorado and beyond.

Andrea Sawchuk
U.S. South Director

Andrea is on fire for mission! She is a resident of Ormond Beach, Florida who has caught the “mission bug” and is being used by God to involve everyone around her in carrying out Corner of Love’s mission. Andrea organizes events, recruits missionaries and volunteers, and heads up supplies drives to help comfort and care for God’s people in Nicaragua. She has served as a Team Leader for multiple mission trips and has served with her sons and husband, Craig, on numerous ocaisions.

Global Directors

Tanya Mroczek-Amador
CEO / Worldwide Development

Nelson Amador
Director of Operations/Nicaragua & Worldwide Development

Since 1992 Nelson & Tanya have been traveling to San Ramón, Nicaragua, Nelson’s hometown and birthplace. Presently, both are focused on equipping Team and Region Leaders around the world and helping transition the organization into a Chapter-driven mission, while also concentrating on program development in Nicaragua.

Nelson maintains COL facilities and manages in-country staff, helping create a safe and functional environment for teams and programs. He also works with village leaders, native pastors, and clinic coordinators to plan for Corner of Love activities that serve thousands each year.

Tanya speaks fluent French, Spanish, and English and enjoys using her multi-cultural background to help grow Corner of Love. Her goals include advancement of broad ministerial objectives, such as creating disciples in the nations and deepening spiritual relationships of participants. Other duties also include business development, non-profit systems and year-end reporting, team-building, chapter training, diplomacy efforts, project execution, and working with multiple international donors, agencies and Latin American government.

Current areas of focus for the two include completion of the organization’s infrastructure including nearly 60,000 square feet of facilities and a joined network of 60+ Evangelical churches.

Tanya and Nelson reside in Managua, Nicaragua and Maple Valley, Washington, where they raised their four children; Nelson “Nelcito,” Elizabeth, Lauren, and Grant. Their children have been traveling to San Ramon since they were babies and now help by translating, scribing, filling prescription bags, and working with children.

Nicaraguan Staff & Volunteers

Aurora Saenz
Business Administrator

Aurora is a true “Matagalpina” with a big heart for the mission and a passion for teaching. She accounts for Corner of Love’s in-country expenses and helps satisfy local and regional business obligations for our Nicaraguan non-profit corporation, known as “personeria juridica.”

Blanca Rugama
Facilities Manager at Quinta El Misionero

Apart from being “the one in charge” at Quinta El Misionero, Blanca is a true MISSIONARY. She is a San Ramón native, married with two daughters, who has a huge heart for the Lord and is always evangelizing. On a mission trip you will find her running around to meet the many needs of the team members. When the groups are gone, she manages all the comings-and-goings at our facility and is also in charge of scheduling volunteers and interpreters. Blanca has worked for Corner of Love since 2001 and is a very dear employee of the mission.

Enrique Sánchez
Operations Manager at Quinta El Misionero

Enrique manages the day and night security schedule and grounds crew at Quinta El Misionero. He also helps with building maintenance and village coordination. He is learning English and has completed college courses in the areas of bookkeeping and administration, as well.

Hospitality Crew at Quinta El Misionero

At Quinta El Misionero we take hospitality very seriously, that’s why we employ a wonderful crew like these ladies! Most who work for Corner of Love are natives of San Ramón who train and work for the mission for approximately one year. After being employed by Corner of Love for this period of time, our organization extends a character recommendation that serves to help them achieve full-time employment in the Matagalpa area. We operate this way because we are in a great position to instruct women in the areas of cooking, cleaning, hygiene, organization, and the responsibilities of an honest employee. A work history and recommendation from Corner of Love has led more than forty women into gainful, permanent jobs, leaving room for the next round of eager learners. We are blessed to be a blessing to the community in this way!

Community Garden Workers

Individuals who benefit from Corner of Love’s Family Sponsorship Program volunteer at Quinta El Misionero tending to the Community Garden. Many fruits and vegetables are grown there, such as beans, Granada fruit, calala, oranges, papaya, and other passion fruits.

Village Coordinators

Corner of Love’s work is focused on clean water and healthcare. Our Village Coordinators help us channel our assistance into these two areas. In the rural villages where clinics our clinics are carried out, Corner of Love Village Coordinators research water projects and distribute clinic tickets. An offering of ten Cordorbas is encouraged per individual ticket. This money is then donated back to the village to be used for a community project, such as drilling a well, piping water into a school, or purchasing educational supplies. Corner of Love’s Village Coordinators research the needs of villages, present proposals for community projects, and help Corner of Love carry out successful clinics and service projects.


Corner of Love is always looking for interpreters with a heart for mission, who will use their language skills to help give excellent care to patients during clinics. Our preference is to use volunteer interpreters who help out of a true desire to aid people in need. On occasion, however, we also hire per-diem interpreters. If you would like to be a part of our mission to comfort and care for impoverished people in Nicaragua, please contact us via email.

Native Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

We consider it a great joy to serve alongside native Nicaraguan doctors and healthcare professionals. Through the years many have served with us from Matagalpa, Managua, Masaya, Chinandega, Leon, and other areas. To serve with our teams, a short training and orientation is required. If you are a doctor or know a Nicaraguan healthcare professional that would like to volunteer, please get in touch with us.

Northern Region Pastors

Pastors from Evangelical churches in the Northern Region receive support from Corner of Love and help develop mission plans for clinics and service projects. Northern Region Pastors all extend a helping hand to their flocks by partnering with Corner of Love to meet the practical needs of impoverished members by providing bibles, blankets, and other items provided by our organization. Trinity Connection (COL Program) also helps these local pastors learn to read, write, and plan activities in their churches.