Who We Are

In 1983, Nelson Amador left San Ramón, Nicaragua, the last of nine siblings sent to safety in the US during a dangerous post-revolution time. After ten years, he returned home in 1993 and introduced his American wife, Tanya, and their children to his hometown and a way of life that he still longs for. Together they dreamed of how they could someday help rebuild San Ramón and nourish people both physically and spiritually. In the year 2000, they began working to make this dream a reality.

Today they serve the people of Nicaragua by hosting numerous humanitarian teams each year and Corner of Love Ministries touches the lives of thousands in impoverished Northern villages. Through medical, dental, and optical clinics, family sponsorships, service and water improvement projects, educational aid, and church development, the mission has grown into a major source of help for people living on less than $1US per day in the remote villages of the Matagalpa Region.

A Word From The Mission Founders

Dear Friends,

For more than twenty years now we have been serving with our family in a place that needs our help so desperately. This area of the world is where our hearts are, even when we travel elsewhere or work in Washington State. We consider it our joy and privilege to do this work and often wonder how it is that God brought us together, from two very different societies and cultures to do His work. To us, that was the first miracle, in a long line of divine happenings that helped create Corner of Love.

While we may have been instrumental in beginning this labor, God is the one who created it. He gave the seed money through sacrificial gifts. He spoke to us in times of trouble. He provides the people to serve impoverished villages year after year. For us it is not important who started what or when. It is more important to teach of how He works when one has faith.

We do find it essential, however, to communicate our belief that Corner of Love’s beginning takes it roots in these three things:

  1. The need of God’s people around San Ramón,
  2. Love of God and-
  3. Love of Family

For these reasons, we will always be a mission that:

  1. Hopes you see the great need of Nelson’s countrymen, instead of human accomplishment
  2. Holds the idea that when one loves God, one serves Him
  3. Advocates for parents and children serving together on trips where all family members are welcome

-Nelson and Tanya Amador