Japan Chapter

Konnichiwa (hello!) from Japan. We are a small island country with a BIG heart for helping our neighbors here and in the world. Japan has a history of natural disasters including earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis along with a sad history of war. Although the land and people have been scarred by tragedy, they have also shown the resiliency and hard-working nature that truly defines Japan as a nation. Even as we recover from the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Northeastern Japan, we continue to turn our eyes to others whom we can help. If you would like to join us in bringing the truly incredible Japanese volunteer-spirit to help others who need us, why don't you join one of our Japan teams of volunteers!

Christine Kuramoto
JAPAN Leader

Christine is an Associate Professor at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine where she teaches medical English. A Washington State native, she originally relocated to serve as a Christian missionary in Japan, and later married Tetsuo Kuramoto, who is also a University Professor at Aichi University of Education. Christine has lived in Japan for over 25 years and enjoys helping young Asian professionals achieve their goals and take off in their careers. She has two children and brings teams of Japanese college students to serve in Nicaragua each year.

Contact Information

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Chapter Leader Christine Kuramoto christine@corneroflove.org