JAPAN Chapter Trip to Serve in Nicaragua

March 17th, 2018

Date(s) - March 17, 2018 - March 24, 2018

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JAPAN Chapter Trip to Serve in Nicaragua

March 17-24

Trip Description

Corner of Love invites individuals from our Japan Chapter to participate in the special and rewarding work of medical mission March 17-24, 2018.

This trip is open to volunteers from Corner of Love’s Japan Chapter and those connected to team leader Christine Kuramoto and/or Hamamatsu University.

Come and work with us in remote villages where Corner of Love has been serving since 2000. This team will work to distribute medicine, clothing, and supplies to families in impoverished villages where most lack potable water and healthcare. Participants will get an inside view to Nicaraguans’ struggles and biggest needs as part of a team that will carry out four medical clinics in rural villages and serve approximately 1,000 people in need. Each day we’ll pack our supplies, load them onto trucks and buses, and venture out to set up stations in our mobile clinic, like height and weight, visual acuity, general medicine, pharmacy, clothing, prayer station, and more. One day of clinic will also be held at our own facility, Plaza de Bondad on La Lima River (one kilometer from our Quinta, where the group eats and sleeps).

We do NOT only need healthcare professionals for this trip, we also need general volunteers who are willing to help count pills and vitamins, organize the pharmacy, sort shoes and donations, and run the clinics. We have many jobs like filling goodie bags, sorting charts, separating toiletries, etc. that do not require healthcare knowledge. Of course there is a huge need for doctors, dentists, and nurses, too! Help us spread the word about this incredible opportunity to bring healthcare to such a needy place!

Trip Activities:

  • Medical Services: YES
  • Eye Care: POSSIBLE
  • Dental Care: POSSIBLE
  • Prayer Station: YES
  • Open to Families With Minors: YES
  • Clothing & Shoe Distribution: YES
  • Service at New Facility (Plaza de Bondad): YES
  • Global Poverty & Service Learning Curriculum: YES

Suggested Itinerary:

ARRIVAL DAY: March 17 – any flight arriving in Managua on this date

DEPARTURE DAY: March 24 – any flight departing on this date

On these dates a COL staff person or representative will meet you at the airport. COL staff may be inside the secure area of the airport (wearing a Corner of Love t-shirt so you can identify them) or waiting outside the glass doors where you will come out.

Please note that because our team members often arrive throughout the day, our staff may instruct you to wait at a nearby restaurant or hotel while we welcome additional participants who arrive after you. Kindly be prepared to spend the afternoon or evening standing-by while we welcome those who arrive after you. If this is asked of you, our staff will take you to the waiting place and you will have access to wi-fi, food, etc. You may want to bring a bit of extra funds to buy lunch or dinner there. Usually all flights are in by 9PM, at which time we pick up team members who are waiting, load the last travelers, and then depart for San Ramon. (Departure time may be earlier, depending on the travel schedules of team-members.)

Alternative Itinerary:

If you arrive a day or more early we recommend staying at Camino Real (better hotel for resting) or Hilton Princess (better hotel for sightseeing) and prefer that we make the reservation for you. Please contact us so we can arrange your accommodations. You will be able to pay the hotel directly by cash or credit card.

If you depart after the scheduled “end date” you will be responsible for your own transportation and accommodations. If you need assistance with this please contact us.

On alternate dates a COL staff person or representative may or may not meet you at the airport. For this reason, less critical mission cargo is usually assigned to early travelers. (I.E. You will likely not carry meds or other prescription items that sometimes require our assistance to clear customs.) Approximately 3 to 7 days before you travel, we will email instructions on how to board the hotel’s shuttle and how we will connect with you.

Our team will depart to San Ramon on the Suggested Itinerary ARRIVAL DAY, usually at 9PM. Make sure to communicate with us about arriving early or staying past the end date.

Team Leaders

Christine Kuramoto christine@corneroflove.org

Team Size

We hope to have 15-30 team members. Please spread the word!


This mission is open to volunteers from Japan and people associated with Corner of Love’s Japan Chapter (or anyone connected to Christine Kuramoto). It is okay to register if you are directly connected to Corner of Love JAPAN, no matter which country you live in, but the cost for those outside of Japan is $1250, not $750, and applicants from elsewhere should use the Corner of Love U.S. Trip Application.)

Quinta Hosts:

Nelson & Tanya Amador

Registration Steps:

  1. Please send your trip application and deposit before Jan. 30. After that please contact us before signing up.
  2. Acquire your plane ticket
  3. Request a copy of the Team Handbook, sign the Disclosure Set, return completed disclosures to christine@corneroflove.org.
  4. Pay for your trip cost. ($750 U.S., $100 payable in Nicaragua.) Most individuals make an initial deposit of $375.
  5. Read all info under “GO TO NICARAGUA” section at corneroflove.org
  6. Contact Christine Kuramoto for pre-trip information and orientation. christine@corneroflove.org
  7. Pick up pre-packed mission cargo luggage (usually two suitcases or bins weighing 50lbs each) from your Team Leader or COL Chapter Office in Maple Valley, WA (Contact tanya@corneroflove.org to find out whether to pack your own cargo luggage or pick up from a local representative.)


  • $$750 U.S. if you are connected through Corner of Love Japan. $1250 U.S. from everywhere else
  • $100 payable in Nicaragua
  • $90 – $120 recommended spending money for entry visa, two dinners out, souvenirs


Forms & Links:

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