Clean Water

1.7 million deaths occur each year throughout the world from water-borne diseases such as parasitic infections and diarrhea. These deaths are preventable through clean water, safe hygiene practices, and adequate sanitation. Corner of Love is committed to bringing an end to unnecessary water-borne illness in the villages where we serve by coupling healthcare with clean water.

“1.7 million deaths occur each year throughout the world from water-borne diseases”

Every time we do a clinic, patients are asked to give a humble offering of 10 Cordobas (.45 cents USD) for each ticket, if they are able. These funds are collected and matched by Corner of Love, then gifted to that rural community to begin a water improvement project designed by the villagers. Projects include “obras” like digging rustic wells, piping clean water into schools and churches, constructing potable water towers, purchasing tanks, building latrines, and often moving water sharing points to more sanitary locations. All projects are 100% native-led and executed, using this sustainable funding model, where labor and funds originate from the village who hosts the healthcare clinic.

Larger projects like planning for industrial capacity wells, installation of electrical lines to town water treatment facilities, bore and tube wells, and equipment donations like submersible and hand-pumps will take place from our new Water Center, adjacent to Quinta El Misionero.