Accommodations & Country Information

Where will I stay?

Teams stay in Corner of Love’s dormitory, which is called, “Quinta El Misionero” (The Missionary Quinta) in San Ramon. San Ramon is about twenty minutes away from Matagalpa and approximately a 2 ½ to 3 hour drive from the Managua airport. The Missionary Quinta is a very large facility with dorms for men and women, and guest rooms for couples and families. Read more about Our Dorm in Nicaragua.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is very safe. In fact, crime in Nicaragua is actually lower than in Costa Rica. San Ramon is a small, peaceful, agricultural town in North Nicaragua. As with most capital cities, Managua has a higher crime rate, but Corner of Love teams do not serve there. Teams depart immediately for San Ramon as a group by bus. San Ramón is an agricultural town that is growing into a suburb of Matagalpa. As a precaution, Corner of Love does limit Team Members to walking in safer areas at designated times for the safety of the team when in San Ramón. As part of our group, you will be asked to sign an area of the Team Handbook that explains rules pertaining to “walking around.”

What is the climate?

Nicaragua’s climate is predominantly tropical and there are two seasons commonly referred to as “tiempo de verano” (summer-time) and “tiempo de lluvia” (rainy season/time). Managua is much hotter than the San Ramon/Matagalpa area, and its geographic location between the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts cause the capital to be more humid than the Northern area where Corner of Love teams work. The dry season typically begins in November and continues through May. The hottest months of the year are March and April. During the dry season, teams in San Ramon can expect warm weather between 65-85 degrees Farenheit, although homes and buildings stay somewhat cool because of their concrete construction. Rainfall from May or June through November can be torrential or sporadic and teams that travel in June usually encounter a shower or two during the day which are most always followed by sunshine. The Matagalpa Region, which includes San Ramon and the many villages that surround it, is a mountainous region with elevations of up to 5000 above sea level. Nights can be cool and breezy with wind gusts under 65 degrees. Travelers should be prepared for chilly nights and warm days working in sunny areas.

Is there internet access?

Yes, there is internet access for emergency use at Corner of Love’s dormitory in case you have an urgent need to send/receive email. It also may be possible to use the business center at the Managua hotel where teams stay the night before departure. Be advised, however, that frequent power outages and unforeseen business closures affect your chances of being able to use these services.

What kind of drinking water is offered?

At Corner of Love’s dormitory, “Quinta El Misionero,” there are several water dispensers, just like the ones used in U.S. homes that have five gallon jugs of purified water. Team members drink only purified water from these dispensers or bottled, purified water.

What kinds of meals are offered?

Meals are a combination of U.S. & Nica recipes. Some team favorites are barbecued chicken, fresh pico de gallo salsa, omelets, pancakes, gallo-pinto (rice and beans), fresh bread from Belen Bakery in Matagalpa, and chicken dumpling soup. For those who prefer more familiar items, Corner of Love’s pantry is stocked with U.S. foods at all times, such as Cup’o Noodles soup, Ritz crackers, cereal, etc.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Couples and families stay together in guest rooms. Single individuals (or those who are serving without their spouses) sleep in the Men’s or Women’s Dormitories.

Can I call home?

At times you may be able to use our “Magic Jack” line to call home, provided the internet and power are not down. From a U.S. cell phone you can make calls, but you may be billed as much as $2 per minute by your cell service provider and service is not always optimal. Team members are asked to limit calls to 5 minutes or less whether using a personal phone or the Quinta phone. Most calling cards do not work in Nicaragua. In general, it is best to tell family members that they will only receive a call in the event of an emergency.

What is the power supply?

110v – Same plug as U.S. Please be aware that power surges in Nicaragua may damage your items or devices. Electrical outages are also frequent.

What is the time difference?

Nicaragua does not use Daylight Saving Time. In the winter, the time in Nicaragua is Central Time (same as Chicago); the rest of the year when most of the U.S. is using Daylight Saving Time, Nicaragua is the same as Mountain Time (as in Denver). See Current local time in Managua.

Are there laundry services?

Yes, you may wash items in our washing machine, but it is best to bring enough changes of clothes. Loaner scrubs are also available.

What about bugs?

Quinta El Misionero’s windows have screens and the building is fumigated twice per year. Most guests are delightfully surprised to find that they encounter less mosquitoes than in many U.S. backyards, but if you are extra sensitive to bites you should take precautions, such as by using insect repellant. Bed nets are also available upon request.

Can I invite a friend in Nicaragua to visit me at your dormitory (Quinta El Misionero) in San Ramón?

In order to promote a secure facility for our participants, we do not allow visits to our dormitory from un-rostered people in Nicaragua.

May I go visit someone I know in Nicaragua while I am serving on a mission team?

No. While you are a part of a Corner of Love mission team we ask that you remain focused on the goals and needs of the team, and stay with the group the entire time.

Please schedule private visits to in-country acquaintances outside of your time with Corner of Love.

What is the current political situation in Nicaragua?

For country and political information, contact us to have current affairs articles forwarded to you or go to: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/1850.htm

Medical, Dental, & Vision

Can I serve on a Medical-Dental Brigade?

The answer is most likely- YES! Read more about Nicaragua Mission Trips.

What if I don’t have any medical or dental experience?

We still have a job for you! There are all kinds of job posts, like bag filling, counting and sorting pills, set-up, clean up, etc. If you are willing to serve – we’ll find a spot for you! And you’ll be amazed what an impact you’ll make in the lives of many Nicaraguans.

Where are medical clinics carried out?

In the villages our teams use elementary schools, chapels, and other rural buildings. In San Ramon we serve at our own clinic, which is called “Plaza de Bondad.” On occasion, such as on backpacking trips, teams have served in open-air settings. This only occurs when we serve in the most remote areas or travel by horseback and is not part of regular trips.

Where are dental clinics carried out?

In San Ramon Corner of Love has dental suite inside our new clinic called “Plaza de Bondad” at La Lima River This is a great space and has sinks, water dispenser, bathroom, cabinets, and an area for cold sterilization + one autoclave (though power is frequently out and we often use a generator). In the villages, dental workers set up clinic inside elementary school rooms, chapels, and other buildings, just as the medical team does. Many villages do not have electricity and generators are brought so that dental tools may be used.

What kind of dental equipment is in the San Ramon office?

Corner of Love has been doing dentistry in San Ramon since 2003. Though our dental suite still has many needs, most dental workers find the mission to be well equipped. Donations of cold sterilization fluid and anestethics are always welcome. We have plans to ship a container in the next 12 months so that newer equipment can be brought to Nicaragua. Currently at Plaza de Bondad we have:

  • An autoclave
  • A water distiller
  • 6 portable chairs
  • 6 portable lights
  • Oral surgery instruments
  • A selection of restorative instruments
  • Hand-pieces, drills

Who is needed to carry out medical clinics?

Who How Many Per Trip
Treating Physician/Clinician/RN Licensed Doctors & Nurses Minimum of two per trip, unlimited
Supporting Physician/Clinician/RN Retired Doctors & Nurses Unlimited
Pharmacy Lead Licensed or Retired Pharmacist Two or more
Triage Interviewer Volunteers with some Spanish Six or more
Height & Weight Asst General Volunteers Six or more
Bag Fillers General Volunteers Five or more
Pharmacy Workers Medical/General Volunteers Eight or more
Rx Explanation Spanish-speaking Volunteers Two or more, unlimited
Transcribers General Volunteers Four or more
Lines & Flow Asst General Volunteers Two or more
Charts & Stats General Volunteers Four or more
Set-up & Packing General Volunteers Two or more
Kid’s Activity Station General Volunteers Four or more

Who is needed to carry out dental clinics?

Who How Many Per Trip
Treating Dentist/Dental Asst/RDH Licensed Dental Workers Minimum of four per trip
Supporting Dentist/Dental Asst/RDH Retired & Other Dental Workers Unlimited
Sterilization Asst Dental/General Volunteers Two or more
Oral Hygiene Teachers Dental/General Volunteers Unlimited
Set-up & Packing Dental/General Volunteers Two or more
Fluoride Station Dental/General Volunteers Two or more
Triage Interviewer Volunteers with some Spanish Two or more

What dental services are offered by COL teams?

Corner of Love’s dental teams have been serving people in need by offering extractions, fluoride treatments, and restorative dental services, such as filling cavities. We have been fortunate to be bringing several individuals who specialize in oral surgery and also offer dental hygiene education.

How are villages chosen?

Community leaders and residents of villages in North Nicaragua obtain a “Solicitud de Servicios Para La Comunidad” (Application For Services To The Community) from Corner of Love staff in San Ramon. This application includes general questions about their village, such as population, facilities available, last visit from MINSA (Nicaragua’s Ministry of Health), and any special health cases. Completed applications are reviewed and selected according to greatest need and feasibility of hosting a medical-dental brigade with special attention given to the level of native leadership in the area, as heavy assistance is needed from local coordinators.

Can I invite my friend or family member to come on the trip with me?

The answer is most likely, “yes.” Just check with your team leader or contact us.

Can I bring a medical or dental team from another state/area to work with Corner of Love?

Yes! In fact, if you have a group of at least fourteen, it is possible to schedule a medical-dental brigade during other months, such as July, September, October, January, or April. Contact us for more information.

Corner of Love Ministries

What is Corner of Love?

We lead medical, dental, and vision teams and mission groups to San Ramon and villages that surround it.

What is the primary goal of Corner of Love in the U.S. and around the world?

Corner of Love’s primary goal is to give “regular” people the chance to do something great for God. We seek to effect a positive change in each participant’s spiritual life by empowering them to GO, PRAY, PROVIDE, and COLLECT – all in an effort to comfort and care for those in need in Nicaragua and glorify God by doing so.

What is the primary goal of Corner of Love in Nicaragua?

Corner of Love’s primary goal in the country of Nicaragua is to work alongside native Nicaraguans to bring about lasting improvements in the areas of health and education, and meet urgent needs of God’s people in their communities and villages.

By donating or volunteering, who am I helping?

Corner of Love’s programs seek to help those most in need, especially the disabled and aging. Many patients who come to Corner of Love clinics walk for miles in the mountainous Darienses Range to receive basic services that are far beyond their reach without our help. More than half of the population of 44,000 residents in and around San Ramon survive on less than $1US per day and suffer from waterborne illnesses. Your gift of time or resources to Corner of Love is a gift to the entire community of rural villages surrounding San Ramon.


How can I help in the U.S.?

Here are some examples of how you can help here in the US:

  1. Pray for Corner of Love’s effort to comfort and care for God’s people in Nicaragua and lift up the needs of the mission
  2. Go to Nicaragua
  3. Collect Supplies
  4. Bring news to your home church, employer, or other organization about Corner of Love and ask them to consider sending a member or team, or supporting Corner of Love through a financial gift. To have a informational packet sent to you, email us at: info@corneroflove.org and include your full name and address with zip code.

Can I invite friends who do not go to church to participate as a volunteer or traveling team-member?

Yes! Corner of Love is a Christian outreach that welcomes church-go’ers, as well as those who are not currently attending a church.

Who can volunteer in Nicaragua?

Individuals in-country must understand that requests to volunteer with our organization mean asking nothing in return for the service they freely offer to people in need. We routinely seek:

  • Spanish or English speaking individuals who demonstrate that they serve by choice and refuse reward
  • Locals from the Northern villages or Matagalpa area who complete a one-day orientation
  • Doctors, nurses, dentists, and bilingual individuals (1/2 day orientation required)

If you are in Nicaragua and wish to apply to volunteer with Corner of Love, go Volunteer.

Who are the Team Leaders?

Groups are recruited and organized in the U.S. (or other originating home country) by Team Leaders from various COL Chapters. COL hosts Team Meetings at our Maple Valley office while other Team Leaders conduct them in their geographical locations. If you would like to act as a Team Leader and recruit willing servants from your area, please contact tanya@corneroflove.org

What does it mean when the trip title says “Teens & Families Welcome?”

When a trip is followed by “Teens & Families Welcome” no limits apply for minors. If you register for a Teens & Families Welcome trip, be aware that the teen/child to adult ratio will be high.

What is a Specialized Team?

Specialized Teams are those with 14 paying individuals dedicated to working on a specific activity or those who require a different schedule, special agenda, or additional help. Specialized activities may include pediatrics, dermatology, study, sewing, surgery, education, pastoral development, etc. Specialized teams are usually not “open registration,” although COL may allow for additional participants. If you have a team that is interested in serving on dates not listed on our website or desires to carry out only specific activities, contact tanya@corneroflove.org.

Before Departure

Can I fundraise for my personal mission costs?

Yes, Corner of Love allows all participants to use our EIN No. 36-4612230 to solicit tax-deductible donations which may be applied to your $1250 individual mission cost. The amounts needed in Nicaragua ($10 airport visa fee, $100 Quinta offering, and spending money, however, are not fundraise-able. For more information, visit Individual Support Contract.

What if I need to travel on a different airline or day?

It is possible to travel ahead of the group or return after, but please be advised that only itineraries that arrive before the rest of the group and/or after their scheduled departure can be accommodated, since our team leaves by bus for San Ramon as soon as everyone has arrived on the “Suggested Arrival Time” flight.

What is the cost?

All participants may solicit tax-deductible donations towards their $1350 individual mission cost ($1250 payable in U.S., $100 payable in Nicaragua), which includes accommodations, food, excursion, hotel in Managua and provision for critical medicines that will be distributed by the team.

How do I get my plane ticket?

All participants purchase their own airfare; home city to MGA (Managua, Nicaragua) to arrive on first day, depart on last day. Best arrival time: after 4PM. Best departure time: before 1PM. (Alternate time may be accommodated.) Recommended airlines: TACA, American, Delta, United. If you have any questions before purchasing your plane ticket, please call our office at 425.432.0433 or contact us via email: info@corneroflove.org.

What if I would like to come early or stay late in order to sightsee in Nicaragua?

It is fine to come early or stay late. We will be happy to recommend hotels and attractions via email.

What kind of immunizations do I need?

While we cannot give medical advice and advise each person to consult with their doctor, as a guideline it is recommended that you have the same immunizations as those required by U.S. schools plus a Tetanus shot within the last five-ten years. Some travelers also opt for a Hep B immunization. Malaria is not common in the area where we serve.

How much money should I bring?

You will need approximately $170-200 in Nicaragua, which will be spent as follows; $10 airport tourist visa fee, $100 Quinta offering (required, part of trip cost), $5-$15 for ice-cream/lunch in the city, $20 for dinner out at restaurant in Matagalpa, $20 for lunch or dinner at Managua at hotel. There will also be ample shopping opportunities for which you may wish to bring extra money. It is also recommended that each person bring one check from a U.S. bank account in case they’d like to purchase items at Quinta gift shop, such as candy or soda. (All food and drinks provided—these are just extra items.)

Should I bring cash, traveler’s checks, or bankcards?

You should bring cash bills (U.S. currency) that are clean and free from tears or marks. Traveler’s checks are a big hassle and our teams do not have the ability to go to a bank. Bankcards are widely accepted in Matagalpa and Managua, but not in San Ramón.

What if I have a special diet?

Food allergies, gluten-free diets, etc. are difficult to accommodate, but COL does allow participants with special needs. Team Members who require a special menu must complete a COL Special Diet Card, which is worn with their name-badge. (This will be sent after registering for a trip.) Individuals with special diets must commit to bringing some snacks to supplement their food options while in San Ramon.