Bring or Send a Team

Your church, business, civic group, or even just a “bunch of friends” can send a team to serve with Corner of Love in Nicaragua. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to serve and work hard to match your talents to Corner of Love’s areas of service. To bring or send a team, follow these steps:


3-12 Months Before Departure

  1. Prayerfully consider an incredible, life-changing mission or service trip to serve with Corner of Love. You just cannot imagine how meaningful of an experience it will be!
  2. Read info on our website, including FAQs and info on Minor Travelers.
  3. Complete a Trip Application
    • Mail the completed application and required items to:
      Corner of Love
      22142 SE 237th St.
      Suite 100
      Maple Valley, WA 98038
  4. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to determine your team’s “Recommended Flight Itinerary”
  5. Familiarize yourself with our fundraising guidelines by reading Raising Support Overview
  6. Begin recruiting your team, which can be 14-80 people in size (minimum of 14 people required)
  7. Hold an Informational Meeting. Corner of Love will provide you with materials and handouts and may be able to send a representative to answer any questions. (We frequently visit out-of-state groups, too. Just provide us with the desired date for the Informational Meeting.)
  8. Direct all potential team members to Corner of Love’s website so they may familiarize themselves with our organization
  9. Communicate your team’s “Recommended Flight Itinerary” and direct all potential team members to purchase their airfare as soon as possible

3-6 Months Before Departure

  1. Get excited! Your trip will make a big difference in the lives of people in need and give your team members a new perspective on life, no doubt. Keep up the good work!
  2. Have team members send in their Trip Applications, with their first deposit, copy of their passport (picture page), copy of their medical/dental/professional license (if applicable), and flight itinerary (if already purchased)
  3. Circulate Collect Supplies Handout and What’s Needed to team members, churches, and circles of friends/businesses/clubs that may support your trip.
  4. Involve churches, businesses, groups, and friends to support your team
    • Communicate your team’s fundraising goals to anyone willing to help using newsletters, email, press releases, support letters, verbal or signage announcements
    • Schedule a “Team Commissioning” or “Send-Off” at a local church, party, or the airport and invite others to wish the team well and pray for their efforts
  5. Discuss your progress with Corner of Love staff. Determine what is left to do and use a checklist to keep track of items still needed from team members (i.e. Trip Application, itinerary, deposits, passport copies, licenses, etc.)
  6. Hold second Team Meeting. Encourage team members to continue collecting items and funds needed. Discuss more ways to involve your community.
  7. Continue to direct all team members to purchase their airfare, using the “Recommended Flight Itinerary”

8 Weeks Before Departure

  1. The countdown has begun! Corner of Love’s staff is praying for your team! Hearts and lives are going to be transformed! Stay calm and involve your group in bonding activities and prayer as you get ready to leave
  2. Continue collecting items and funds needed. Discuss packing plan with team members. Make certain that all team members understand that mission supplies are packed in cargo luggage; personal items are packed in carry-on luggage.
  3. Make certain that all person wanting to travel have submitted their Trip Application and first deposit
  4. Have team members send in their second deposit and any donations towards their trip cost plus any missing documentation
  5. Corner of Love will email Team Handbooks to the Team Leader or registered team
  6. Members and make individual contact with each person to answer any questions. Handbooks will include a sample agenda, What To Bring list, and a lot of important information. Many pages require signatures and/or initials.
  7. Hold third Team Meeting and review Team Handbooks. Also discuss remaining, status of team fundraising, and collection goals.
  8. Discuss team talents, dreams, and must-haves with Corner of Love staff. Determine if any “special” items or diets are required. Continue to use a checklist to keep track of items still needed from team members.
  9. Order Corner of Love shirts by providing team member names and sizes.

6 Weeks Before Departure

  1. Remember that as a Team Leader or person representing your group, you set the tone, God sets the path. Try to complete tasks and paperwork sooner than later so as not to cause more stress as your send-off nears.
  2. Collect all signature/initial pages from team member handbooks after each traveler has thoroughly read these forms and agreements.
  3. TEAM LEADER SUBMITS ALL MISSING DOCUMENTATION & TRIP MONEY (trip applications, passport copies, itineraries, individual deposits, team objective money, signature/initial pages from handbooks, licenses, etc.)
  5. Corner of Love staff will contact all travelers via email or telephone to continue addressing any questions.
  6. Set a date for your team’s Packing Party and invite your community and support network to help your group pack their supplies in bins and duffels.
  7. Hold final Team Meeting
  8. Invite and remind travelers and their families, as well as your network of support to your Team Send-Off or Commissioning at a local church – enjoy this last U.S. (or other home-country) event before departing for Nicaragua.

48 Hours Before Departure

  1. Get ready to be fluid! Nica-time is a bit different than the clock you’ve been ticking to. The next week may be the most memorable of your life. Thank your loved ones, church, friends, and others who have helped you get this far. We continue to lift you up in prayer and anxiously await your arrival at Quinta El Misionero.
  2. If possible, speak with Corner of Love staff in-country. A few items may be needed that your team could still acquire before leaving.
  3. Verify with your airline that your flight times have changed and notify Corner of Love’s staff of any schedule changes.
  4. Instruct your team to check email; Corner of Love staff may message your group with any pertinent weather or trip information.

Bring or Send a Team - Corner of Love