Form a Chapter

Corner of Love - Denver Chapter

Denver chapter leader Lisa Chirico fitting a young girl with shoes at El Paraiso

Corner of Love has chapters in many U.S. states, Canada, Bermuda (U.K. Territory), Japan, and some other areas.

  • Corner of Love JAPAN
  • Corner of Love BERMUDA (U.K.Territory)
  • Corner of Love CENTRAL FLORIDA
  • Corner of Love SOUTH FLORIDA
  • Corner of Love COLORADO
  • Corner of Love WASHINGTON STATE

A Chapter is a group of individuals who work to support the mission and efforts of Corner of Love. Chapters spread the word about Nicaragua Mission Trips, raise funds to support our work, and expand our volunteer force. Corner of Love Chapters help by:

  • Learning the story of Corner of Love (who we are, how we started, where we work, who we serve, what it costs to serve, how volunteers fit in), and keep abreast of our activities
  • Hold information meetings to inform others about the work of Corner of Love
  • Organize volunteer groups to join us in helping the poor in impoverished villages in Nicaragua
  • Raise funds to support the work of Corner of Love and specific projects such as building plans, critical medicine campaigns, large purchases, and acquisition of land for water and healthcare projects

Some ways of how Chapters raise funds include:

  • Special events like Dinners, Auctions, and other gatherings
  • Car washes
  • Dinner shows, theatrical events, Christmas programs
  • Special collections at churches and civic groups
  • Letter writing, card sending campaigns
  • Birthday parties for our cause (no gifts, donations to COL)

Chapters are encouraged to hold fundraising events that are most appropriate for the composition of the Chapter.

To form a chapter follow these steps:

Corner of Love - Florida Chapter

Florida Chapter

  • Find at least four committed individuals who want to help further Corner of Love’s work in Nicaragua by helping the poorest of the poor
  • Make a commitment to work alongside us after reading and understanding our Missional Purpose and Statement of Beliefs
  • Submit a Chaptership Application Form
  • Invite a Corner of Love representative to speak to your group and facilitate your Chapter’s beginning
  • Appoint a leader of the group
  • Plan activities for your first year (also choose trip dates if you plan to go on a mission to Nicaragua)