What is the climate?

Nicaragua’s climate is predominantly tropical and there are two seasons commonly referred to as “tiempo de verano” (summer-time) and “tiempo de lluvia” (rainy season/time). Managua is much hotter than the San Ramon/Matagalpa area, and its geographic location between the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts cause the capital to be more humid than the Northern area where Corner of Love teams work. The dry season typically begins in November and continues through May. The hottest months of the year are March and April. During the dry season, teams in San Ramon can expect warm weather between 65-85 degrees Farenheit, although homes and buildings stay somewhat cool because of their concrete construction. Rainfall from May or June through November can be torrential or sporadic and teams that travel in June usually encounter a shower or two during the day which are most always followed by sunshine. The Matagalpa Region, which includes San Ramon and the many villages that surround it, is a mountainous region with elevations of up to 5000 above sea level. Nights can be cool and breezy with wind gusts under 65 degrees. Travelers should be prepared for chilly nights and warm days working in sunny areas.

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