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Hello from the Central U.S.! We are here as a resource to assist any volunteers and Corner of Love chapters located in the Central United States. If you live in the middle of the United States and are interested in going on a trip, bringing a small group on a trip, or starting a new chapter for Corner of Love, please contact Jeff Balch at Jeff@corneroflove.org or Debbie Balch at Debbie@corneroflove.org. We’re here to help you plan a trip that will change your life!

Jeff BalchDebbie Balch

Jeff & Debbie Balch, Central US Directors

Jeff & Debbie met Tanya and Nelson Amador in 2000 in Maple Valley, Washington and a life-long friendship was born. At this time, God placed a calling on Tanya and Nelson’s hearts to help heal hurting people in Nelson’s home country of Nicaragua. Jeff & Debbie moved to Colorado in 2001 and initially supported the Amadors’ efforts from afar, both financially and with prayer. After serving in Nicaragua for the first time in 2010 and personally witnessing the great need, Jeff and Debbie have been changed. They’ve personally been encouraged by the strong and faithful spirit of these Nicaraguans despite their great need and now more fully realize that all blessings come from God. Jeff and Debbie have led several trips from Colorado, serve on the Board of Directors, and are actively working to add new regional chapters to address the need. Jeff and Debbie share Tanya and Nelson’s passion and calling to serve the people of Northern Nicaragua, and they believe that this commitment to Corner of Love will be life-long.

Contact Information

Title Name Phone Email
Central US Director Jeff Balch 719-440-4597 Jeff@corneroflove.org
Central US Director Debbie Balch 719-330-3220 Debbie@corneroflove.org
Central US Operations Manager Cailee Osterman 719-330-0922 Cailee@corneroflove.org