Central Florida

Hello from the place that has The World’s Most Famous Beach, the Birthplace of Speed, a Magical Kingdom and the launch pads for sending humans into space! We’re talking about the Central Florida Chapter of course. While blessed to live here in the sun and warmth, we also have a heart for Nicaragua. We send teams all during the year and help in the production of some of the great videos you get to see. We hold auctions, Nica dinners, garage sales, bake sales, and other fund raisers to raise money for medicine and to send our teams. If you are in our area (from Tampa in the West, to Melbourne in the Southeast and Jacksonville in the Northeast) contact us and we’ll help you organize a trip of a lifetime.
Andrea Sawchuk, U.S. South Director
Andrea is on fire for mission! She is a resident of Ormond Beach, Florida who has caught the "mission bug" and is being used by God to involve everyone around her in carrying out Corner of Love's mission. Andrea organizes events, recruits missionaries and volunteers, and heads up supplies drives to help comfort and care for God's people in Nicaragua. She has served as a Team Leader for multiple mission trips and has served with her sons and husband, Craig, on numerous occasions.

Contact Information

Title Name Phone Email
Regional Leader Andrea Sawchuk 386-871-4461 andrea@corneroflove.org
Chapter Ambassador Cheryl Geno geno@corneroflove.org
Chapter Ambassador Sam & Janel Coffing coffings@corneroflove.org
Chapter Ambassador Corey & Tiffany Sawchuk sawchuks@corneroflove.org