Team Leader Who Uses Wheelchair Leads Successful Mission

May 6th, 2014

26 year old Dylan Sawchuk of Seattle, WA recently co-led a medical brigade with Corner of Love, bringing with him his love of life, his great stamina, and his wheelchair.

Dylan and Nelson

This was the first time COL had hosted a group leader who requires a wheelchair, and many were in awe of Dylan’s ability to keep the team on track with all the daily activities while making his own needs look minimal.

Able to “hop” into the truck from his portable, titanium wheelchair (made in Washington State), Dylan never missed a beat as he rangled 15 Japanese medical students for volunteer service each day in four remote villages.


Seeing Dylan cheerfully assist his team members and lovingly care for Nicaraguans in need was more than inspiring . . . It was like looking through a heavenly telescope that focused on a perfect picture of what it means to look beyond oneself, and meet the needs of others.

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